Loyalty Above All

We are a small dedicated group of players who play the complete game. As a member of Shadow Ultimatum and the Imperium Coalition there is a large group of people to play and work with, allowing us to remain small and agile putting our members first at the Corporate Level. We are a small tight knit organization consisting of close friends who are active both in the game and in our discord server. We are active across all security spaces in New Eden. Our members have expertise in almost all aspects of the game. Our standards are exceptionally high but so is the reward.

Fly with us!

What we are looking for:

- Must be 16+ years old
- Must be able and willing to speak English
- Must be willing to skill into at least one of the Corporate/Alliance doctrines.
- Willingness to go on deployments & live in hostile territory as part of those deployments
- ESI registration of all characters
- Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations

If you are interested in joining or want to be a valued contribution to a corp that has a purpose, goals, and objectives, then please contact one of the following:

Steve's Haven
Lord Kalvin

Blind Applications are not accepted. We Recruit You as a friend, not another number in a member count.