Surreptitious Technologies

We are a growing 0.0 pvp organization who are a member of the Shadow Ultimatum alliance. Member of the Imperium family. We are a pvp focused corporation with our aim at becoming a real threat with black ops warfare and pvp in general. Progression in all areas of what we do is primary. We are focused on consistent growth to help enable the alliance to take and hold its own sov territory. It is the way.

What we are looking for:
- Must be 18+ years old
- Must be able and willing to speak English
- Must be willing to skill into at least one of the corporation\u2019s doctrines.
- Willingness to go on deployments & live in hostile territory as part of those deployments
- ESI registration of all characters
- Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations
- New bro packages supplied on approval.

If you are interested in joining or want to be a valued contribution to a corp that has a purpose, goals, and objectives, then please contact one of the following:

IGN: Sebekk Knap (EU)

Or join our discord: