Project Omega

We are Project Omega.

Our goal is to create a core of active players who are self sufficient and like minded. Every member of Project Omega has a stake in our success and decision making process to help drive the corporation forward. We value PVP as well as Industry. It is every pilot's responsibility to learn the skills required to operate as a member of our team, aggressively defend our home territory, drive our economy forward, earn the respect of our alliance and coalition and project our power across New Eden. To that end, we are here to share our veteran knowledge and expertise with you. Regardless of your experience or skill point level it is your job to take the steps necessary to grow and learn as a pilot and integrate into the community. It is you who will make or break the corporation.

Fly Dangerous!

Jeeves Korso

What we offer:

  • Real life will always come first.
  • An active corporation with active corporation leadership.
  • Mentoring and guidance to those who wish it.
  • New bro assistance.
  • Alliance and corporation level Ship Replacement Program.
  • Veteran FC's with a junior FC program in place.
  • Regular corporation, alliance, and coalition combat fleets.
  • Regular mining expeditions with access to R64 and R32 moons.
  • Capital and Sub-Capital warfare.
  • Black-Ops Warfare. "We were never there..."
  • An Extensive BPO library at your disposal.
  • Fully rigged production facilities with bonuses.
  • Alliance buy back program at 90% Jita buy.
  • Corporation and alliance jump freighter services.
  • We take care of our own.

What we require:

  • Full Auth and ESI registration of all characters.
  • Have a working microphone and be on Mumble if you are online.
  • Have a working discord and pay attention to corporation and alliance pings.
  • Have a good attitude.
  • Must be willing to skill into main line corporation and alliance doctrines.
  • Participation in a minimum of 4 Discord pinged alliance fleets per month.
  • Must have basic English skills.

Contact one of our recruiters to get started:
Jeeves Korso
Darwin Hawk
Aldred Kes
Skylar Fidelis

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