Deadspace Excavations

Do you dream of exploring the stars and mining their riches? Do you want to be part of a corporation that values teamwork, loyalty and fun?
If so, Deadspace Excavations is the place for you!
Deadspace Excavations is a corporation that specializes in mining expeditions in deep space. We operate in low and null security regions, where we harvest rare and valuable resources from asteroids, moons and planets.
We are also part of The Imperium, one of the most powerful alliances in EVE.

As a member of Deadspace Exacavations, you will enjoy:

☼ Regular mining operations with boosting
☼ Ore buyback program that pays you fair prices
☼ Alliance freight service that delivers your goods securely
☼ Friendly and supportive community on Discord and in-game

To join us, you need to:

☼ Join our Discord server and authenticate to our alliance auth servers
☼ Have a positive attitude and no ego
☼ Be willing to learn and follow instructions

If you are interested, please contact us on Discord or in-game.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Intro: v=muuhcU_WFgk&ab_channel=ShadowUltimatum