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  • Surreptitious Technologies

    We are a growing 0.0 pvp organization who are a member of the Shadow Ultimatum alliance. Member of the Imperium family. We are a pvp focused corporation with our aim at becoming a real threat with black ops warfare and pvp in general. Progression in all areas of what we do is primary. We are focused on consistent growth to help enable the alliance to take and hold its own sov territory. It is the way... (read more)

    Surreptitious Technologies 
  • Deadspace Excavations

    Do you dream of exploring the stars and mining their riches? Do you want to be part of a corporation that values teamwork, loyalty and fun?If so, Deadspace Excavations is the place for you!Deadspace Excavations is a corporation that specializes in mining expeditions in deep space. We operate in low and null security regions, where we harvest rare and valuable resources from asteroids, moons and planets.We are also part of The Imperium, one of the most powerful alliances in EVE...(read more)

    Deadspace Excavations 
  • Sirius Syndicate

    Wir sind eine kleinere, rein deutschsprachige Corp mit ein bis zwei Handvoll mäßig bis regelmäßig spielenden Mitgliedern, die ihren Feierabend gern ruhig und ohne Adrenalinschübe in Eve verbringen, beim Ratten, Hacken, PI, Flottenfliegen, Markt oder Mining... (read more)

    Sirius Syndicate 
  • TH3 HAV3N

    We are a small dedicated group of players who play the complete game. As a member of Shadow Ultimatum and the Imperium Coalition there is a large group of people to play and work with, allowing us to remain small and agile putting our members first at the Corporate Level. We are a small tight knit organization consisting of close friends who are active both in the game and in our discord server... (read more)

    TH3 HAV3N 
  • The New Federation

    First and foremost, Eve is a game; real life comes first.

    Returning to Eve after a break? The New Federation, established in 2005 and now a proud 18-year-old veteran in the universe of Eve, is your ideal destination.

    We specialize in reacquainting players with Eve’s ever-evolving mechanics and the intricate tapestry of its politics. As a dedicated null sec corp within Shadow Ultimatum, we’re embarking on an exciting new chapter, relocating from our 23 sov systems in Cloud Ring to claim new territories in Esoteria. This move signifies a renewal of our commitment to offering the best PVP experience... (read more)

    The New Federation 
  • Project Omega

    Our goal is to create a core of active players who are self sufficient and like minded. Every member of Project Omega has a stake in our success and decision making process to help drive the corporation forward. We value PVP as well as Industry. It is every pilot's responsibility to learn the skills required to operate as a member of our team, aggressively defend our home territory, drive our economy forward, earn the respect of our alliance and coalition and project our power across New Eden... (read more)

    Project Omega 


Proud member of the Imperium

Shadow Ultimatum is a proud member of the Imperium - Biggest coalition in EVEOnline!

Fully SRP fleets

Fleet's SRP - Get your ISK back if you die! - Blapp! Blapp ISK back!

SOV Holder

We hold a lot of systems in null-sec, Esoteria!

Alliance Buy Back

Alliance buy back available at 80% Jita sell!

Jump Freighter Service

Really fast Jump Freighter service from Jita and 1DQ to our home!


We are Shadow Ultimatum, an English-speaking, null security pvp-focused alliance who currently live in our own space in Esoteria. We are a group that uses sov to fund its pvp deployments & engagements. We aim to grow based on objectives and goals, which ensures collective progression and development.

We are looking to bring in corporations that want to grow themselves and help grow the alliance into becoming a stronger and more independent influence. We are looking for members that will pvp, but also enjoy other activities in the game. We have fantastic space for pvp with several surrounding regions nearby! Our sov is set up well for industry, production, PI, mining, exploration and more.

  • Industry

    Industry encompasses a wide range of activities, including prospecting, harvesting, compressing, reprocessing, researching, inventing, reacting, hauling, and marketing. It spans from the initial stages of production to the delivery of goods and services to capsuleers. Join ourmining fleets,master formula writing, and play a crucial role in thesupply chain, contributing to the delivery of products.


    Player vs. Player vs. Environment (PVPVE) represents the dynamic social interaction between players, other players, and the in-game environment. Explore this content through a variety of in-game events and locations, including Pochven, Anoikis, and both known and unknown areas of New Eden.

  • Faction Warfare

    Engage in the holistic process of stimulating economic growth and opportunity by strategically targeting defined objectives for recycling. Explore optional avenues like Factional Warfare and War Declarations to experience this dynamic approach.

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